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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available


Freesky Online Overview

Freesky Online is a browser based strategy game very similar to many other empire building games. What sets Freesky apart is its advanced graphic user interface that makes it feel almost like a traditional 2d client game and its emphasis on Airships. Players chose between four warring nations and start with a single, small city. Resource generating structures must be constructed and upgraded so scientific research and military units can be purchased. A short tutorial and beginner quest line help new players learn the basics while providing small rewards. Freesky Online is not the type of game that can be played for hours each day since structures and units have long building queries that can take many hours to complete. Most basic buildings can be constructed instantly to help new players along but even on the first day, you’ll come to the realization that Freesky Online is a 10-minutes-a-day type game. There are four nations and six key resources in the game:

Nations -  Holy, Devil, Light, Shadow

Resources – Gold, Food, Sand Stone, Metal, Wood, Crystal

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