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World of Tanks NA – Global Map Season 10 Announcement

World of Tanks North America celebrates its 10th anniversary with a 10th season on the Global map.

The biggest feature of this new season will be clan alliances. Alliances will be hierarchical in structure, and formed via contracts between any two clans. In a contract, a clan will be either the major power, or the minor power. A clan can have any number of minor powers below it, but only one major power above it. Taxes are paid to major powers, from minor powers, which will be transferred by convoy which other clans and alliances may assault.

Alliances will be able to transfer provinces between each other, including offering province ownership to clans who have not yet landed on a given map. Furthermore, an alliance member’s clan will be able to step in to take part of a battle in your place, allowing greater tactical maneuverability.

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