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Final Fantasy XIV: 4.21 Patch Notes

FFXIV - Patch 4.21 Notes

Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 4.21 will bring some closure to several issues plaguing the game, as well as add the “Echo”  buff to Omega: Deltascape (Savage). The patch went up overnight and has a few points of interest and note in it. Players who engage in Omega: Deltascape will now get the “Echo” buff, giving increased HP/damage dealt/healing potency of 10%. Unlike other versions, it will not continue to strengthen the buff whenever a party wipes/is incapacitated. The issue where the high score/number of remaining attempts for the Fashion Report not updating is known about and will be updated upon speaking with Masked Rose in the Gold Saucer.  There is also a list of issues that have been resolved, and are as follows:

  • An issue wherein the effect of the ninja action Smoke Screen in conjunction with the melee DPS and magic ranged DPS role action Diversion caused players to lose enmity after every action taken.
  • An issue in the Jade Stoa (Extreme) wherein Byakko would stop using specific attacks under certain conditions.
  • An issue in the Jade Stoa (Extreme) wherein Byakko would become unable to move under certain conditions.
  • An issue in Sigmascape V1.0 and Sigmascape V1.0 (Savage) wherein battlefield transitions would not occur under certain conditions.
  • An issue in open world areas wherein certain enemies did not behave as designed.
  • An issue wherein text was not displayed in the confirmation window when using a glamour dresser to transform gear into a glamour.
  • An issue wherein the crafting recipe for the Moogle Wall Chronometer was incorrect.
  • An issue wherein the physical damage of the following weapons were lower than intended:
    – Diamond Sword
    – Diamond Axe
    – Diamond Greatsword
    – Diamond Knuckles
    – Diamond Halberd
    – Diamond Daggers
    – Diamond Katana
    – Diamond Bow
    – Diamond Musketoon
    * The physical damage of the above weapons was 104 when it should have been 105.
    * Read on for details.
  • An issue wherein chat messages from blacklisted characters would appear in linkshell, free company, and Novice Network chat logs.
  • An issue wherein players were unable to log in under certain conditions.
  • An issue wherein the items Spring Shirt, Spring Bottoms, and Spring Shoes were named incorrectly.
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