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Marvel Future Fight September Update Trailer

Marvel Future Fight storms into September with 4 new heroes, new uniforms for existing heroes, some additional mission content, and a new world boss ultimate.

The new heroes all appear to be crossover variants: You have Arachknight, a Moon Knight and Spider Man mixup; Scarlet Hex, the blend of Scarlet Witch and Weapon X; Thor and Iron Man collide with Iron Hammer; and Black Panther embraces the Spirit of Vengeance, Ghost Rider, as Ghost Panther.

Finally, a new game mode, Heroic Quest, will now give players a set of quests called a “Heroic Quest Pack” to complete within a given time, with rewards given to players upon completion of each “Heroic Quest Pack”.

Thanos will be the greatest challenge to date for the Marvel cast in the newest world boss ultimate. Are you ready?

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