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Dreadnought Has Launched Out of Beta on Steam

Six Foot’s and Grey Box recently released Dreadnought into full access on Steam, and it’s time to pilot capital ships. Massive, heavily armed capital ships are the focus of the title and control exactly how that sounds. Instead of it feeling slow and awkward, it adds a sense of urgency, where the player needs to think ahead in order to outpilot their enemies. No matter what type of massive ship a player has an interest in, there’s something here: from gargantuan nuclear-armed behemoths to smaller but still heavy support cruisers. This free-to-play starship shooter stands out, feeling like a first or third person shooter in space, where the player can customize their ship, from the weapons down to the cosmetics that make it up.

Since its October launch on Steam, Dreadnought has worked on improving the game to have additional enhancements and quality of life improvements for Steam players. Six Foot has also been working to balance combat and classes, so it’s a great time to get in and experience Dreadnought! Find it on Steam here.

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