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World of Tanks: Mercenaries Gets A Real-Time Strategy Perspective

The battles in World of Tanks on console (World of Tanks: Mercenaries) are really starting to heat up! A new game mode is on the horizon, that adds a new level of strategy and a new perspective to the game. Commander Mode will give a birds-eye view of the battlefield as the Commander. The Commander can give single tanks direct orders to flank, outwit, and destroy their enemies, taking command of nine tanks in this tactical mode. You can also assume the role of the Tanker, and work together with five other players to defeat the powerful Commander. Wargaming West has been working on Commander Mode directly with the help and constructive input of our community, refining the experience to make it as exciting, intuitive, and fun to play as possible. Fight with unlimited ammunition and forget about the deeper intricacies of typical tank combat. Put on your strategy hat and fight from a new perspective in Commander Mode from November 30 through December 9.

World of Tanks: Mercenaries also has a trio of new Mercenaries in the game, known as The Outcasts. Created in partnership with Brett Parson (of Tank Girl and New Romancer fame), these wild new characters have come to life with their own special tanks. They are available together in the Outcasts Mega collection, or individually, until December 11th. Here’s what each of them bring to the fight:

  • Banana Buster – a deliberate brawler with awesome armor. It’s captained by 40 Watt Club, a French Resistance fighter who delights in hunting down members of German high command!
  • Beach Party – the resilient hybrid of three nations’ engineering prowess, it’s fronted with a magnificently powerful weapon. Battalion 23, an American soldier who went mad surviving and fighting his way through the forests of Japan after World War II, is at its helm.
  • T.A.N.K. – this absolute unit has excellent speed, agility, and close-range combat prowess. The Buck is its master, a cruel and vindictive war criminal who operates a nefarious network of Mercenaries who sweep Europe like a plague of locusts.

In addition, France will have a new Hero tank fighting on its frontlines when the Audace AMX Canon d’assaut 105 joins the fray on November 27! This combat vehicle is a speed demon, allowing it to position itself for combat with ease and escape quickly if necessary. Its streamlined profile makes it a stealthy combatant, while its ferocious firepower and swift aim time mean it also isn’t afraid to get stuck into a proper fight!

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