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War Thunder’s Fiery Ball: Free for All Football (With Tanks) Available Now

Gaijin Entertainment is celebrating Russia’s advance to the quarter-finals of the World Cup with a limited-time event called “Fiery Ball”.  Starting today, players can saddle-up their tanks and join the hunt for points, where only tactics, skill, and teamwork decide the winning side.  Teams will consist of three (or four in squad vs. squad mode) players kick off in specially designed tanks that are fast and maneuverable. Not to mention, they also pack a serious punch.  When the weapon is fired, the tank lashes forward in a sprint, much as a footballer would aiming for a shot. Players can use this to pass the ball, try to score or to tackle their opponents’ tanks. Players that score one victory in-game will compete for fame on the leaderboards, but will also receive a unique ‘Fiery Ball’ decal to show off their team spirit and decorate their vehicles. It lasts from today (July 5th) until July 9th.

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