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Latest RockShot Content Update Address Fan Feedback

RockShot shot onto the Internet a month ago, and though it promised over-the-top weapons, insane game modes and anarchy on the battlefield, the community was not happy. Though RockShot shot their payload a bit earlier, Gameforge and Soleil have listened and offer a host of updates and content. RockShot’s latest updates address launch server connection issues, optimization and removed/refunded Pay-to-Win content. They are putting the focus back on player progression and optional cosmetics. There are more updates to come as well, and in a few days, Spanish and Italian language support will be added.  New content is here and more is on the way with Gameforge and Soleil doing their best to pull away from the very unpopular, “wack af” pay-to-win shenanigans.

New Content Includes:

  • New Maps: Old Dominion, Boot Camp, Navy Base and Rockies
  • World Cup 2018 Cosmetics
  • New Daily Login and Mission Rewards
  • New Event Mode: Close Quarters
  • Mode Selection: Drill, RAID and Events

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