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Latest RockShot Content Update Address Fan Feedback

RockShot shot onto the Internet a month ago, and though it promised over-the-top weapons, insane game modes and anarchy on the battlefield, the community was not happy. Though RockShot shot their payload a bit earlier, Gameforge and Soleil have listened and offer a host of updates and content. RockShot’s latest updates address launch server connection issues, optimization and removed/refunded Pay-to-Win content. They are putting the focus back on player progression and optional cosmetics. There are more updates to come as well, and in a few days, Spanish and Italian language support will be added.┬á New content is here and more is on the way with Gameforge and Soleil doing their best to pull away from the very unpopular, “wack af” pay-to-win shenanigans.

New Content Includes:

  • New Maps: Old Dominion, Boot Camp, Navy Base and Rockies
  • World Cup 2018 Cosmetics
  • New Daily Login and Mission Rewards
  • New Event Mode: Close Quarters
  • Mode Selection: Drill, RAID and Events

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