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Treasure Raiders Launches Worldwide on Google Play

A mobile game that combines the best parts of shooters, action games, and RPG genres, Treasure Raiders launches today on Google Play. Treasure Raiders features a humorous Japanese anime style, creating a world where ancient civilizations and sci-fi coexist. Searching for treasures, avoiding traps and doing battle with powerful bosses await on this adventure. With a wide variety of levels and stages and tons of weapons and equipment, players will be continually tested as they team up to clear dungeons or battle others in PvP. An elaborate system for customizing and upgrading weapons, which is also vital to a players success. The amount of attributes a character gains just by leveling up is limited, so equipment is the key to maximizing attribute values. Collecting fragments is how players gain equipment, and through turning in a set amount of these fragments. Upon reaching a set level, it will let players exchange them for an advanced weapon, which will allow access to Dungeon Raids, where they can gather fragments for more advanced equipment. It’s live today, and ready to be explored.

Players may download Treasure Raiders now from their regional Google Play store, and iOS fans can still take advantage of the prelaunch event for Treasure Raiders at Participants receive a reward valued at $5, including 100,000 Silver coins and 5 Elite Fragments. Visit this link to register.

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