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TerraGenesis’ 5.0 Update Is Now Live

TerraGenesis’ 5.0 UPdate has officially arrived, and with it comes a massive series of changes to the terraforming game rooted in real scientific data. The biggest update to the game is the near-photorealistic outer-space experience, with their completely redesigned graphics engine, improved interface, and gameplay features. This update also adds seven historical versions of Earth to terraform, aliens to make contact with, and incredible challenges in “world killer” events. This includes planet-scale threats like asteroid impacts. World Killers are unexpected and will create down-to-the-wire races, kicking up the difficulty for even veteran players. Players will have to learn to protect their planet from impending extinction-level events. Each faction now also has a rich culture, history, and specific take on terraforming. Factions will have different options, and may even want to terraform a planet back to its original form – even if that’s inhospitable to human beings.

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