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Team Up for the Next Massive MU Origin Update, ‘Corps War’

A massive update hit MU Origin today in the form of ‘Corps War’ from Webzen. Starting today, four guilds from all servers can team up to form a “Corps” in order to win a ticket to the Corps War, given only to the top four Corps. The Corps system unlocks after completing the main quest after 10 Rebirth level 50, and only Guilds above level 6 can join a Corps. Corps War will be held every Sunday from 20:00 to 20:30, server time. The top 4 Corps will battle to conquer territory by conveying flags from the center of the battlefield to the ally base, or by placing flags on the five resource areas. The winner of the Corps War will win various privileges, including Watch Towers, a special collecting area, an exclusive title, and many more.

In addition, the Corps War update offers various content updates not only for the Corps but also the Solo players and guilds below level 6. Any players above 10 Rebirth level 60 can enter the ‘Territory Collect’ to gather valuable resources such as Aether dust, Soul dust, and Hallow essence. A new system, “Hallow and Divinity” also was added, and players can use Hallow which could be gained through Corps War or Territory Collect, to strengthen their characters. With the system update, a new stat has been added called “Elasticity”, a stat which decreases the enemies’ chance to activate special stats. Upon upgrading your Hallow to maximum, players can then activate the Divinity that offers even more extra options.

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