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Spellforce 3: Fallen God Announcement Trailer

Your dwindling, nomadic tribe of trolls has just one goal: survival. Plagued by vicious poachers for your precious tusks and weakened by disease, hope is almost lost – until an enigmatic Elven stranger offers you, the young chieftain Akrog, a path to salvation: you must resurrect a fallen god.

SpellForce 3: Fallen God is coming 2020 and will be available as a stand-alone expansion for SpellForce 3 on PC.

– New playable faction: The Trolls. With their nomadic behavior, Trolls have a different playstyle than all other factions in SpellForce 3.
– New continent to explore: Urgath is full of mysteries and adventures for you and your heroes to discover.
– Character shaping throughout an all-new 15-hour long single-player campaign:
The choices you make in the campaign affect your companion’s skills and abilities.
– Multiple endings for the campaign: Contribute to the story through your own decisions.
– All-new soundtrack to underline the beauty and mystery of the new continent
– Full Steam Workshop integration and advanced modding tools

Multiplayer Feature:
– Introducing Ranked Play: Compete with other SpellForce players in a 1:1 ELO-based ranked system, and become the champion of SpellForce
– Six different playable RTS factions: Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Dark Elves and Trolls – each with their unique troops and heroes
– Create your own maps with the powerful modding tools and share them with the community

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