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Skyforge Expands with ‘Overgrowth’ in April

Allods Team is going to bring a new free expansion for the MMORPG Skyforge in April, entitled “Overgrowth”. This will include a new class for players to unlock, the Groverwalkers, which are highly proficient mages that obliterate their foes with wild nature magic from a distance. They appear to be nimble and graceful, but can call upon living armor and transform into a massive frontline tank when the need is great. Overgrowth will also allow players to rediscover Aelion through reworked story missions and a complete new challenges system. It will release on PC on April 11th and April 12th on both Xbox One and PS4.

Skyforge welcomes back a long-lost visitor; Tessa, the Goddess of Flowers. She revisits Aelion with a call for help. Nature itself has become corrupted and formed a new Phytonide invasion army that has driven her from her home planet and is following her on her heels. The Goddess nurtures hope by bringing her children to Aelion, the Grovewalkers. They are immortals with a strong grasp on nature magic and unlike some of their weaker siblings, incorruptible by the enslaving voice of the Phytonide leader.

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