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Most MMORPGs feature Halloween events, and the in-development Ship of Heroes is no exception. The following video shows off what the devs are planning for Halloween. PLayers will fight evil pumpkin bombs that are infused with dark magic, running door-to-door in a heroic version of Trick or Treat. Players will earn special rewards during the holiday events, including special items that they can keep and use during the year as consumable one-shot powers. Four signature heroes race through Apotheosis City, defeating enemies and gathering loot. In this case, the area being shown is decorated for Halloween. This is the first time that the devs at SoH have shown any nighttime combat footage, and the powers that have been revealed so far look even better at night, especially the lightning blast powerset. The developers have taken the common theme of disarming explosives and ramped it up to serve as a Halloween activity, offering a humorous take on the dangerous moment of disarming a bomb. Though this video does feature new enemies, powers and effects, the overall focus is on the established content itself: heroes, buildings, the city itself.

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