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Runescape Reveals DeliveRune – Gielinor’s Finest Food to Your Door

Runescape revealed a new project coming this summer to select cities: DeliveRune™!  This is the first-ever food delivery service that breaks down the barrier between games and reality. With DeliveRune™, the finest foods from Gielinor can be sent to your home.

🍴 Grand Opening Menu:
– Pineapple Pizza (28.5% base crust chance)
– Burnt Lobster, with a side of Rotten Potatoes
– Cooked Karambwan
– Spicy Stew (members only)
– KBC Special: Karamjan Burnt Chicken
– Saradomin brew (might drain Strength…)

🍴 Choix du Jour:
– Asgarnian ale (handle with care)
– Redberry pie
– 2/3 of Chocolate Cake
– Wizard’s Mind Bomb cocktail
– Half a jug of wine (additional surchage required)

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