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RAN: Lost Islands Announced as Medieval Battle Royale on Steam

Zodiac Interactive and Jolly Roger Game Studio have a new medieval battle royale on the way, announced during EGX. RAN: Lost Islands is scheduled to debut on Steam’s Early Access program later this year. This online multiplayer will pit 100 players against each other during the Age of Discovery. As an outcast, battling for survival on the high seas, they will seek out treasure and artifacts, hidden beneath the cursed islands.

There are several factions to choose from, such as The European Empire, Ming Dynasty, and the Japanese Shogunate. There are also nine distinct character classes to offer greater gameplay depth and options, and players can switch between classes to use different combat styles. Exploring islands isn’t the only point though, as underwater combat can become a part of the action, but players aren’t the only enemy. Wild scavengers and monstrous sea creatures also await.

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