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Zombieland: Double Tapper Now Available on Mobile

Zombieland: Double Tapper is a mobile idle RPG set in the Zombieland film franchise, right in time for the latest film (Zombieland: Double Tap). Players will embark on a road trip across post-apocalyptic America. There are plenty of characters from the series, such as Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, Little Rock, as well as characters from the new film.

“Zombieland: Double Tapper finally brings the film’s unique blend of humor and action to mobile devices,” said Paul Joffe, Vice President, Sony Pictures Television Games. “With loads of characters, weapons, and items to collect and combine, players will have hours of fun creating new ways to kill zombies as they travel across America.”

Zombieland: Double Tapper lets players slay zombies in dozens of missions in a cross-country road trip from the woods of New England to the beaches of California. Players will have no excuse not to “nut up or shut up” when armed with this arsenal of unique weapons that offer fun and creative ways to dismantle hordes of zombies or when facing off against towering zombie bosses. It can be found on Android and Apple devices.

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