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Project:SU By Loong and Epic Games Retitled as Dragon Raja

Epic Games and Loong Entertainment unveiled their mobile title, Dragon Raja at Unreal Open Day 2019. Dragon Raja was unveiled as Project:SU GDC 2019, and is being co-developed by both companies, using Unreal Engine 4. Dragon Raja is adapted from a popular best-selling novel, about an endless war between humans, half-bloods, and Dragons. It will blend Western, Chinese and Japanese cultures, with fantastical elements, offering a blend of magic and realism for players. Dragon Raja is expected to release in the West in Q4 2019.

“Dragon Raja creates an ultra free-form sandbox for players to experience,” says Loong Entertainment CEO and chairman Li Qing. “The combination of full day, weather and seasonal cycles, plus rich animation and cinematics blended with lots of minute details make this a game that will draw players into its dynamic and immersive world.”

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