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Bless Online Discusses Optimization and Hacking Defense Updates

Bless Online - Siege of Castra - image

The Bless Online Executive Producer, Sungjin Ko released a new Producer’s Letter that goes into detail about their efforts towards Optimization and Hacking, which are both very important issues in Bless Online. One thing they are aware of is that there are users who are manually editing the .ini files in an effort to improve the performance of the game themselves, and while it’s not an easy thing to work on, they recognize that altering the .ini file represents a greater threat as a whole, and they’re working on it. The Bless developers are presently refining the settings so that players who don’t alter the .ini file can further customize the game to match their own needs in the regular in-game settings. They have identified specific function problems int he UI manager and in level streaming and are working on getting rid of unneeded files that were in the current build.

Improvements are being made to the client, as well as network-related problems and server stability, which has been discussed previously. Bless promises to give updates on improvements as they continue to move forward. There have also been reports of certain hacks that players are using to gain unfair advantages in game, and this is against TOS and they are taking immediate action against it. In addition to working on tracking this down, they appreciate the reports, from text to video, and it is helpful to get these cheaters/hackers punished. It’s not a grey area, and they are issuing permanent bans to those who are abusing and hacking the game.

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