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Elsword Introduces Battle Magician Class

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Kill3rCombo has launched a new class for its popular MMORPG, Elsword.

The Battle Magician is a new job class for Aisha, and is a second part of the Elsword Transformation update series. Aisha is capable, as a Battle Magician, of unleashing punishing close quarter attacks, letting her now go toe-to-toe in melee fights instead of staying at range. This makes the character more versatile in both PvE and PvP modes.

While the Battle Magician class offers improved melee attacks, Aisha still is capable of strong magical attacksk.  While Aisha’s other classes involve mastery over the natural elements or dark forces, Battle Magicians have the rare ability to wield magic in its pure form for devastating energy attacks. Aisha acquires this ability through a magical pendant given by her mentor, as the Battle Magician story unfolds.

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