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Guild Wars 2’s Season 4 Finale Reveals Release Date

“Death is not the end. . .”

Guild Wars 2‘s Living World Season 4, titled War Eternal will arrive on Tuesday, May 14th, 2019. Today we have the trailer that sets up this exciting story event, and Tyria will be changed forever. A dear friend perishes in Episode 5, and the Commander and their allies are out of time, as well as options. A sliver of hope remains, and War Eternal will take players on a daring, odds-defying journey, as they chase down the wounded (and angry!) Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. War Eternal is free for players who own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and ArenaNet also announced the Guild Wars 2 Standard/Deluxe Collections, as well as the Path of Fire Standard/Deluxe Editions will be on sale for 50% off until May 19th on their website.

With plenty of surprises in store, Episode 6 will feature a bevy of new content for the game, including:

  • A new flying mount, the Skyscale, a rideable dragon that can climb walls and scorch enemies
  • A new map that promises to unlock answers to the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik’s very existence
  • The legendary greatsword Exordium, which changes form depending on which attack skills a player uses
  • A new upgradeable, two-tier Mist Shard armor set
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