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Population Zero Discusses The Building of Planet Kepler

Enplex has a special update this week, where they discuss what went into the building of Planet Kepler for Population Zero. However it is in Russian, so please turn on subtitles, unless you speak Russian. In addition to this, they announced an Alpha playtest is coming on March 16th, 2019. After that, they will begin working on 05.03, which will have a wealth of new features such as the Jungle Biome, Tutorial Quests, new technologies/perks, and English/Russian localizations.

This update will also improve the in-game creatures as well. They’ll work, fight, and hunt together as packs or herds. Players will also be able to distract predators chasing down their prey. Alien creatures will also call for help, or draw attention if they’re in danger. There are two factions available in Population Zero at the moment. The choice is entirely up to players and the way they choose to live on an alien world: become a Xenobiote, become closer to the planet and its inhabitants, or remain a human colonist. Both choices lead to different character and crafting progressions. Enplex is also getting ready for their closed beta, and are still accepting players into the alpha. Interested parties can click here, or support the project here.

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