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Pax East Firefall Preview

While at Pax East, MMOHuts had a chance to get an early preview of Firefall, Red5’s upcoming free-to-play shooter. We interviewed Matt DeWald, Community Manager at Red 5, about the game, and got a hands-on experience with the content.

Firefall is set in the future of earth, where after a meteorite strikes and decimates most of the population, humans are able to discover Crystite, a pure energy source to allow humans to create a technological renaissance. Players will participate in the Shared Intelligence Network (SIN), to gain missions and interact with players and NPCs. Firefall has a massive open world where players are encouraged to cooperate with each other as well as compete, and where content is dynamically generated and the world expanded.

To see more of the game, and to hear what Matt DeWald had to tell us, watch the video below.

MMOHuts Firefall PAX East Preview

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