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Albion Online Final Beta Date Revealed

Albion Online has announced the starting date for its final beta test: August 1 (12:00 UTC). Founders can access the final beta in three stages – Legendary Founders on August 1, Epic Founders on August 2, and Veteran Founders on August 3.

The Albion Online final beta brings with it a massive, world expanding update that includes:

  • Two new worlds: Royal Continents and The Outlands
  • New Biomes: Swamps, Steppes, and Mountains
  • New Artifact Weapons, Off-Hands, and Armor Sets
  • New Reputation and Crime system
  • Reworked Guild vs. Guild Battles
  • Reworked Destiny Board

Much more about the entire update and what to expect in the final beta can be found here.

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