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Forged Fantasy Arrives from Hothead Games in January

Hothead Games is proud to announce the official release date of their mobile Fantasy Action RPG, Forged Fantasy. Releasing on both iOS and Android on January 17th brings their expertise in the action genre to the fantasy RPG genre. A unique third-person camera puts players right in the action, allowing them to control every sword swing and arrow fired in real-time. In Forged Fantasy, the world of Teraventa has been torn apart in the wake of The Split, a man-made magical catastrophe. Now, the remaining inhabitants have to choose to either rise to the task of rebuilding and defending, or take advantage of the chaos, and watch the world burn. Several heroes will be available on release, with more coming in each update. People interested in pre-registering can do so on Android and iOS.

RAM: Frontline Soldier: A large, frontline warrior who can cast powerful shield spells on himself and team members.

BERN: Deadeye Ranger: A skilled ranger, unnaturally accurate with a bow. A deadly mid-line attacker, sturdy and reliable. Able to deal excellent damage using powerful abilities.

BARRAGE: Battle Mage: A zealous member of the Shining Rose. A deadly Mage who deals consistent damage through his powerful attacks.

VENOM: Poison Master: A scrappy assassin. Picks her enemies apart with her deadly crossbow. Uses poisons and stuns her enemies to leave them helpless.

AURA: Support Healer: A capable sorcerer/healer with a mix of crowd control and damage spells.

OVERGROW: Druid Shaman: A wayward, wandering druid. Able to cast powerful elemental spells to damage enemies and to summon sprites that automatically heal friendly heroes

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