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Onmyoji Begins a Limited-Time Crossover with Inuyasha

Onmyoji is welcoming, for a limited time, stars of the anime/manga Inuyasha (by Rumiko Takahashi) to the game! Kikyo launches during this event, and Kikyo, Inuyasha, and Sesshomaru will be included in Royal Battle. During this event, Onmyoji may use the Mystery Amulet, Jade or AR Amulet for a shot at the crossover SSR shards – they need 50 shards to summon the limited edition Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and Kikyo. Every Onmyoji has the option to choose the shards they want to gain before summoning either Kikyo, Inuyasha or Sesshomaru. Even during the event, they can decide to switch the shard type they want at any time.

The Onmyoji x Inuyasha Limited Crossover event will only run for three rounds, and the limited edition shikigami Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, and Kikyo can only be acquired during these three events by Onmoyoji of Level 15 or higher. Onmyoji of Level 40 or higher can wish and donate for Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and Kikyo Shards within their guild. Onmyoji can collect a maximum of one Kikyo shard and four Fall Bellflower skin shards on December 12th after the update through the Demon Seal. After completing an exploration zone, Onmyoji will have a chance to find the Kikyo Demon Seal by which they will have a chance to obtain Kikyo shard and Kikyo skin Fall Bellflower shards.

During this crossover, Onmyoji who completed Chapter 25 can also look forward to the opening of Chapter 26 in the Main Story, which is entitled “Seimei’s Lost Memory and the Final Battle”. Upon completing Chapter 26, a new Exploration Zone will unlock. Players can also purchase two new skins for Shikigami Hana and Yuki. These skins are called Direwolf (Hana) and Frosted Pearl (Yuki), and are on sale for 20% off for the first week.

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