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Maple Story Dragon Master Evan Boss Battle

To Learn More About the Game, Check out our Maple Story Page.

Nexon has been busy designing new content for MapleStory. The Global (i.e. English) version usually lags behind the Korean version, but we’re in luck this time! The new class, known as ‘Dragon Master Evan’ is being introduced here ahead of the other MS services. We’ve already seen a cinematic teaser trailer of the new class, but this time we get a look at some high level boss fight gameplay. Evan is the latest class, just after the pole arm wielding Aran. Maple Story is one of the most popular free to play MMORPGs, and has inspired many other side-scrolling games like Wind Slayer, Ghost Online, Dragonica Online, and several others. To learn more about MapleStory, check out the official MMOHuts MapleStory page which includes a detailed review, tons of screenshots, and additional videos.

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