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KurtzPel Challenger Tournament Series Announced

KOG Games and ESL have officially partnered to bring the KurtzPel Challenger Tournament Series to life. European and North American competitions will begin on October 13th. The EU cups will start at 3 PM CEST, and the NA Cups start at 2 pm PDT. Every cup and final will be broadcast from ESL’s studio in Leicester, UK, which has hosted more than its share of high-quality esports contests and productions.

The broadcast will be the first time that viewers and fans can tune in to see the best KurtzPel players from around the world and will feature casters and analysis to guide spectators through the fast-paced, anime-inspired action. Further information and tournament schedule can be found below.

“We are honored to be partnering with ESL, the largest and longest running esports establishment in gaming,” shared Rafael Noh, KOG Business Director. “KurtzPel has always been about delivering a fun and competitive PVP experience. Giving players an opportunity to partake in and view a high-quality, worldwide PVP competition has always been one of our goals and partnering with ESL is making this goal a reality.”

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