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Jade Dynasty Vengeance Cinematic Trailer

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Jade Dynasty was the third free to play MMORPG published by Perfect World Entertainment for the North American market. It followed Perfect World and Ether Saga Online, and while all three games had a similar oriental setting, they each managed to offer a unique gameplay style. There’s been a lot of excitement surrounding Jade Dynasty recently due to the international PvP tournament that was just concluded. Team USA came in third, by the way. To highlight the recent Vengeance expansion for Jade Dynasty, PWE has released a short cinematic trailer. It’s very similar to the PvP Tournament Trailer they released recently. It has nice background music that mixes a modern beat with oriental sounds. The trailer shows off some battle scenes, but gamers should remember that is just a cinematic. PWE has been making a big push into North America and Europe recently with some of their newer titles being Battle of the Immortals, and Heroes of Three Kingdoms. Their most anticipated game yet, Forsaken World, should be entering closed beta testing soon.

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