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Battle of the Immortals launches Zodiac Gauntlet

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A new event created just for North American players has hit Battle of the Immortals: The Zodiac Gauntlet.

The first wing is now live in this event, and showcases the rare Zodiac Pets as bosses instead. The event is for players level 60+, and groups of 3 or more, but rewards Zodiac Cards to the survivors. Players must fight off waves of enemies and seek the protection of special wards to survive this difficult encounter.

Other changes have also gone live with the patch, mostly with localization – although death messages have also been improved to let players know what they were killed by and what was lost in the death.

The Original Announcement:

Patch Notes for 7/7/2010 – Zodiac Gauntlet!

You’ve all been waiting for it, and now it’s finally here – that’s right, the Zodiac Gauntlet’s first segment is now ready to go for players across all BoI servers!  The Zodiac Gauntlet is a new daily event designed specifically for this version of BoI that is available for players level 60 and up.  Groups of 3 or more can enter this instance and take on a Zodiac boss in an epic battle that will end with either your party dead on the floor, or with a very nice chunk of experience and zodiac cards in your inventory.

Some strategy is required to succeed in this new instance.  At certain points of health, the boss will spawn extra mobs that you must kill to progress in the fight.  Additionally, the main boss has a powerful AoE attack that will quickly kill you unless your party takes refuge in one of the protective wards that will appear on the ground.  The safety of your pet cannot be guaranteed in this instance, so be forewarned!

We hope that this new daily instance helps ease the grind that many players report after reaching level 60.  Keep in mind that this is only the first segment of the Zodiac Gauntlet, so expect new portions to be released in the future!

Now then, on to the patch notes:

Game Content:
First segment of Zodiac Gauntlet released

Pet General Potions have been renamed to Pet Remedies

Academic Tests – Notifications now appear when accepting a quest in this track
Giant Hunter – The following message now appears at the start of this event: “Achinoth the Giant has appeared on realm 6 in Soulbound Crypt Level 3!”
Knights Jail – Hannibal appearance text and Magellan’s autopathing and mouseover text revised
Tree of life/Thor’s Blessing – Description of events effects revised for clarity

User Interface:
Leon’s “Smelt Soul Gear” tab localized for clarity
Death Notification – Text now appears with all information: You were killed by (X),  You lost (X) coins, (X)EXP, and the item (X)

Numerous quests and NPC’s in Atlantis, Atlantis Square, and the Atlantic Ocean have been relocalized for clarity
Easter Island North – Several spelling and grammatical errors corrected in NPC, quest and item text
Gates of Hell – Entire quest completely relocalized
Land of the Dead – Numerous NPC’s have had their dialogue changed for clarity and consistency
Hexagram Array – Entire event completely relocalized
Master/Disciple Quests and System completely relocalized
Love Match – System messages and several quiz answers/question have been relocalized
Fort Glacier – Dialogue involving the voting and bidding system has been revised
World Tree Garden – NPC’s Jonas and Fred have had their hint text revised

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