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Humankind OpenDev Announcement Trailer

Amplitude announces “OpenDev”, a new way for the community to participate in the development of Humankind

Players can apply now for a chance to participate and give feedback in 3 targeted gameplay scenarios as we prepare for the game’s release in 2021.

Paris, June 13th — Community has always been at the heart of Amplitude: we’ve worked with our community to create every game that we’ve made so far, and Humankind will be no different! Rather than a classic early access, though, we’ve come up with a new twist on the formula that will help players give feedback in a meaningful and targeted way.

OpenDev is our new approach to community-driven game development. It allows players to join the dev team and help shape the game during its production.


Starting now, players can register for the chance to get access to 3 time-limited scenarios focusing on specific core features of the game (exploration, tactical battles, basic city management). Throughout the summer, scenarios will be released one at a time, and additional players will gain access with each new scenario drop. Any new access granted will include access to all the previous scenarios.

Each scenario concludes with a game design survey that will help our dev team level-up the game.


One more thing that we ought to mention. Like many other studios, we’ve been impacted by COVID-19. We’re lucky to have been able to transition towards working from home thanks to SEGA’s support. We’ve decided that to ensure that we give our community the best and most polished game, we will be releasing in 2021.

Thanks everyone for your support, and we hope you’ll enjoy this chance to help shape the game!

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