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Hearthstone Reveals The Next Solo Adventure: The Dalaran Heist

Blizzard revealed a new Hearthstone “Hearthside Chat”, with the focus on the next Solo Adventure: Rise of Shadows: The Dalaran Heist. Arch-Villain Rafaam has assembled a team of ne’er-do-wells, miscreants and villains to pull off the greatest caper in Azeroth’s history. This five-chapter heist will have players skulking about in Dalaran to plunder the city’s riches, and sow chaos. The ultimate goal is to step into the shoes of nine unique anti-heroes to help Rafaam steal the entire city of Dalaran. This update hits Hearthstone on May 16th, and the first chapter, Dalaran Bank is available free to everyone. Subsequent chapters can be unlocked for 700 gold or $6.99 each, or purchased as an all-inclusive package for $19.99 USD.

Each chapter is a part of the League of E.V.I.L.’s plan and has its own unique encounters, final boss, and a special twist on the mechanics. An example would be vaults full of coins players can bust open, or crowded streets with less room for minions on both sides. Below is a breakdown of each chapter. The Dalaran Heist also adds new features to Hearthstone Solo Adventures. The New Loadout System has players customizing their playstyle through new Hero Powers, and alternate starting deck options unlocked through play. There will also be Non-Combat Tavern Encounters, which serve as deck-building encounters, occurring on every run. This will let players make changes to their deck, to help set them up for success in the rest of the chapter. Finally, they added Anomaly Mode, which will let players delve into all five chapters with random alterations to the rules, after unlocking all five chapters.

Chapter 1: Dalaran Bank

                Twist: Coin-filled Coffers

Chapter 2: The Violet Hold

                Twist: Imprisoned Minions

Chapter 3: Streets of Dalaran

                Twist: Crowded Streets

Chapter 4: The Underbelly

                Twist: Swapped Attack and Health

Chapter 5: Kirin Tor Citadel

                Twist: Four Additional Encounters

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