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3000AD Universal Combat CE v2.0 Available For Free Today

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Universal Combat CE

3000AD, Inc, one of the industry’s oldest independent game developers of several industry recognized brands such as Battlecruiser 3000AD, Universal Combat, Galactic Command, the All Aspects and Line Of Defense series of games, today announces the release of a free game marking 25 years since the first Battlecruiser 3000AD title was conceived.

Twenty-Five years ago, Derek Smart, a then unknown aspiring indie developer, conceived the world, characters and mythos that were to shape the first game in the Battlecruiser series which was released seven years later in 1996.

Since that original concept, several games and IP have been spawned, resulting in over seventeen games, all based on that world, characters and mythos.

To this day, Derek Smart remains one of the most recognized quintessential indie game developers.

To commemorate this occasion, the last game in the Battlecruiser series released in 2009 as a collection, has been specially re-mastered and will be released exclusively on Steam today for free.

“Like them or hate them, my games have come a long way. In an industry where most of the guys and games have come and gone, making it this far is testament to my vision of catering to and being focused on an exclusive and dedicated audience of like-minded gamers. I never set out to win them all; just the select few who liked these sort of high-end complex games. By releasing this compendium for free, now that space combat games are apparently making a comeback, my goal is to introduce a new generation to these highly advanced capital ship combat games which still have no equal. My games did it first; and they’re still doing it” – Derek Smart, Supreme Commander, Galactic Command

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