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Gamigo Announces Halloween Special Events

Gamigo Group Halloween 2018 -image

Gamigo announced today that their titles are going to be taking part in Halloween-themed events for their worldwide community. Each has its own seasonal twists and treats for their audience.

  • The wickedly decorated world of Fiesta Online will feature the Maze Temple of Mysteries, where players can find unique treasures. In order to enter the maze, players have to eat sweet Halloween candy.
  • In Echo of Souls, players can fill their pockets to the brim with sweets. The bravest Heroes can fight the terrifying ghostly creatures that cause mischief all over Bernica.
  • Spooky Events also await courageous players in Aura Kingdom. To sweeten up their game they can attend the exciting Halloween Party in the Forgotten Forest, participate in a time-limited photo contest with their Navia-Monsters, or join a toothachingly sweet Trick-or-Treat Event.
  • In Twin Saga, besides other engaging events, daring players can work together with guest NPCs who will assist them in their quest to open the “Scary Box” in a special Halloween Event.
  • Halloween will also be celebrated in the already dark-fantasy-world of Last Chaos. From October 24 until November 7, the players can collect empty baskets and fill them with curious candy. In addition, pumpkins can be traded in for unique items and players can exchange special Halloween coins by interacting with the new Halloween NPC for even more scarily good rewards.
  • In Savage Hunt and Dragon’s Prophet players can participate, beginning October 19, in many bloodcurdling events. This year players can fight against Zombies or become unsightly Undead themselves and compete in a hair-raising race. At the end of the event, the most fearless players will be crowned King and Queen of the Blood Moon.
  • Ironsight will offer some creepy Halloween events as well, with exclusive rewards for the players. In addition, there will be knives designed by the community and a new special “Knife Match” Mode in which players can prove their close-combat skills. This and much more — like a special Pumpkin-skin — await the players during the scariest time of the year in our Ego-Shooter Ironsight!
  • Additionally, in Wolf Team, players will also get creepy content! Special Halloween Items and bewitching events for all lycans who are strong enough and dare to login on the last day of October!
  • Trick or treat! On October 26, in the strategy game War2Glory, an incredible hunt for pumpkins and sweets will be on. Only the best officers and troops will be able to rake in the big prey and exchange it for amazing extras.
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