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Guild Wars 2 PAX East 2015 Heart of Thorns Expansion Interview

Outside of the limited beta testers, PAX East 2015 was the first major hands-on event to get a peak at Guild Wars 2′s Heart of Thorns expansion! DizzyPW and Ragachak had a chance to play the new Revenant class for 15 minutes and test out the new jungle covered wreckage players can expect at the start of the expansion content. Afterwards Dizzy spoke to the developer Jon Peters and Matt Wuerffel to get a feel for what new avenues of fun the Revenant, and the Heart of Thorns expansion will be opening up for Guild Wars 2 players.

We’ll be sending Ragachak into the beta to further test out the expansion and prepare an updated review of Guild Wars 2 sometime next month.

For all the details on Guild Wars 2′s revolutionary Living Story updates and past content coverage, be sure to check out our game profile here.

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