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Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 Episode 5 ‘All or Nothing’ Preview

Hey guys, Jason here, lead writer for Today I’m going to bring you a sneak peek of Guild Wars 2’s Living World, Season 4, Episode 5, “All or Nothing”.

Back in 2018, I got to spend a little time with the Guild Wars 2 devs, taking a sneak peek at the latest episode of their Living World Series. Season 4, Episode 5 kicks off with a bang, and while we had access to the event, we did not have the ability to complete it during our time in the test server (they really want this one to be a surprise). I’m going to avoid talking about the story as much as humanly possible, as to avoid spoilers for people because that would not be cool. This episode takes place right after Episode 4, and we began at the Durmond Priory. I think one of the coolest things about this particular episode is the addition of the new light-based longbow (Pharus). It has an incredibly sharp visual and creates awesome energy footfalls behind the player, and when you activate it, a column of light descends upon you. This works on a thematic level too, since Aurene is big in this story, and as a Dragon of Light, a weapon of light is only appropriate. Also added in this Episode is a new Mount Mastery (Bond of Faith), the “Yoshi Jump”. That’s not what it’s called, but that may as well be what it is. While on your mount, you can eject yourself and leap into the air. While in the air, you can activate your Glider, and are also immune to fall damage. This is great to get yourself out of danger, leap and glide off, and remount onto your Griffon. It also gives 2 seconds of evasion. Plus, it just looks really damn cool to do it.

I have to say, Glint’s Lair is gorgeous. The crystal and light effects are stunning, and they really put a lot of effort to make this area stand out. You can see clearly where Glint crashed and fell to her death, and the body is crystallized over, with Aurene sitting by her. Visually, this may be my favorite Living World episode, from this to the new quest hub. I won’t say what you have to do during these trials in Glint’s Lair, but it’s worth adventuring through, and the Trials will teach the players what they need to know to overcome these challenges; provided they’re paying attention. Each Trial plays out a little different and has a new mechanic to learn, and I appreciate that. If it were super easy, it wouldn’t be much of a trial. At the end of these Trials though, we receive Glint’s Gift and make our way to Thunderhead Keep. That’s the most of what I’m going to say about this area.

Thunderhead Keep is the home of the Dragonsblood Forge and is crucial to our activities in Episode 5. We’re going to need new, powerful weapons in order to do battle with Kralkatorrik, and that means talking to Ogden at the Dragonsblood Forge. Basically, every faction that matters is at Thunderhead Peaks, from Sunspear to the Skrit. They’re all here for this showdown! There are 32 new weapons to work on in this Episode, each with their own collection, so there’s plenty of stuff to farm and collect. After Chapter 2, you’ll receive one of these weapons for free, and each weapon has two tiers. The second tier’s collection will take more time for sure. Farming these weapons and completing the open world content can be done alone, but it will be helpful to have friends around.

Also coming is the Diviner set. Well, I should say, it’s coming to PVE. Previously it was available for PVPers, but it’s coming to the PVE crowd in Episode 5. Players will have new aesthetics and functionality with these. There are lots of missions, activities and work to do in this area, but all of these will be important, useful, and fit into the overall scheme of gearing up for this upcoming assault. That’s one thing I appreciate, that none of the activities in the episode won’t feel out of place. Again, the outdoors for this area is breathtaking, and there’s just so much to do. I really enjoy how this Episode is designed. Everything feels meaningful, makes sense, and frankly is enjoyable.

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