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Star Conflict Releases PVE-Focused ‘Rise of Giants’ Update

Gaijin Entertainment and StarGem announced a new PVE-themed update for the online space action game, Star Conflict. This update (Rise of Giants) will introduce challenging PvE scenarios with scaling difficulty, as well as a new co-op campaign. This campaign, titled The Price of Trust is based on player-made decisions and actions. The PVE content of Star Conflict is divided into two major types:

  • UMC Missions are varying PvE scenarios with a scaling difficulty level offered by the in-game Unified Mercenary Center. Completing UMC Missions yields “Insignia”, which can be spent to improve attack and defense of the player’s fleet as well as to unlock new levels of PvE scenarios. The more experience the player gains and the better his fleet becomes, the more difficult and rewarding the PvE scenarios will be.

  • Deadly Challenges are high-difficult, high-yield missions which require a powerful fleet and well-coordinated teamwork. They will offer a challenge even for veteran pilots, so it is well-advised to prepare for them via the new UMC Mission system.

Players will be challenged with the rescue of an Ellydium Corporation Dreadnought, which is a massive warship stranded in space. The development of the plot is based on player decisions, with one of the many varying arcs eventually resulting in an epic face-off with an enemy dreadnought. The campaign can be played in regular mode, or completed as a Deadly Challenge, where enemies are stronger, more cunning and more plentiful. Other additions of the “Rise of Giants” Update include a new Destroyer, the Ellydium’s “Ze’Ta”, which is partly constructed from Alien crystalline substance allowing it to create a swarm of crystal drones in battle. Those drones have varying uses and can e.g. be ordered to attack on their own or form a living, defensive shield around the player.

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