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Eudemons Online: Arrow Fury Trailer

Eudemons Online showcases its ranger class, available since summer 2019.

Character Creation

People in new server can create ranger directly. If you are not in the new server, you should make sure one of character in your account completes the 10th Chapter of main line quest “Battle of Alien Land” and you can create a new class through the Mannequin system!

Character Creation

  • Born at 130 Level
  • A whole set of 125 level equipment
  • Double class skills: Violent Bolt/ Crack Shot

Arrow Power System

  • Use Arrow Power instead of the mana value to cast some of the skills.
  • The maximum of Arrow Power is fixed at 200 points, which can be slowly recovered over time.
  • When using the Violent Bolt, Saint Violent Bolt, and Crack Shot skills, you can additionally recover Arrow Power.

Eudemons of Elf Ranger

Magic Wings Hill, born in the Aurora Forest, has magical holy wings that block and purify all evil spirits. When it was born, it was given the duty of being the guardian of Elf Ranger. No matter how powerful the invading monsters are, Hill’s determination of guardianship was never shaken.

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