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Eternal Magic is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG that features dynamic fights and large-scale battles with up to 80 players. It also revealed a MOBA mode, being able to party and hold weddings on your own estate, guild battles, and much more.  Every character can create their own unique fighting style, using five skill categories for every class. Players can specialize in one, or spread out their skills across several skill trees, to play the way they want.  For those with PVP in mind, there are guild battles, 5v5 MOBA battles, and also the immense battlefields.

Eternal Magic also has incredible places to explore with high risk (and equal rewards), as well as pets to tame. These pets also have skills that can be used in battle. Players can make friends, join guilds, get married, and run their own estate. They also announced a beauty contest, where Shield Maidens can download a photo and take part in it. Other players will make gifts and give them to their favorite Shield Maidens. The statue of the most popular girl will be installed in the capital city.

In order to guarantee access to the Closed Beta Test, interested parties can purchase an early-access pack. Those who do will gain access three days ahead of other players, and will also receive useful items to be used in the Open Beta Test. These packs are available on the official website, listed below.

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