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Dauntless Launches Today With True Cross-Play on PS4, XB1, and Epic Games Store

Phoenix Labs is proud to launch their free-to-play co-op ARPG Dauntless today on Playstation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games store today. This is a major milestone in the games industry, as the first-ever game to launch with true cross-play functionality across all platforms. The launch fulfills Phoenix Labs’ promise of “One Dauntless,” a cross-platform and cross-progression system that enables players to take their Dauntless account with them wherever they go and allows players to team up with others around the world regardless of their platform of choice.

Dauntless arrives with a number of improvements and content updates today, such as the Mastery System. This offers a new way to play for players, as they can now hone their skills, earn experience, unlock achievements and other rewards. Each weapon and Behemoth has its own Mastery card to explore. The Hunt Pass also arrives today (The Hidden Blades Hunt Pass), which gives thematic new gear to show off. With the Moon Blossom Festival taking over, players who tackle the Hidden Blades Hunt Pass can embrace their inner assassin across 50 levels of content (in both the basic and Elite tracks).

“After a year in Open Beta and a ton of great feedback from over 3 million Dauntless players, we’re proud to bring our game to console and expand our PC audience through the Epic Games store,” said Jesse Houston, CEO and Co-founder, Phoenix Labs. “When we first started talking about ‘One Dauntless,’ we knew it was a truly audacious goal. No one has ever launched on console with full cross-play support from the start, but we believed in our vision and, thankfully, our friends at Epic Games, Sony, and Microsoft did too. Keeping the community connected is one of our top priorities, and with all the new players coming in at launch, there’s never been a better time to be a Slayer in Dauntless.”

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