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Eternal Arena Real-time 3v3 Debuts

Eternal Arena introduces real time 3v3 arenas in its latest update, bringing intense PvP to your mobile device.

With today’s update, players will take their heroes developed through the single-player action RPG experience and prove their worth against others. Building on Eternal Arena’s original game mode where one player controls three heroes at the same time, this PvP update allows for three players each controlling one hero to fight together in skill-based MOBA-style matches in real-time against another team of three. This brings high-level competitive play to the game, with balanced battling to see which team has the most skill.

Players level 30 and above will have access to the all-new PvP mode, where they can create 3-man teams and battle it out for supremacy in Normal, Custom, and Ranked Matches. In the PvP arena, wins in Normal and Ranked Matches will earn players Honor Points, which can be redeemed for powerful in-game items. Eternal Arena’s level cap has also recently been raised from 80 to 90.

“With its fast-paced action and real-time cooperative multiplayer, Eternal Arena is a perfect battleground for PvP gameplay,” said Riten Huang, General Manager of NetEase North America. “In our testing, we’ve found that 3v3 is the sweet spot for mobile PvP. With fans and players of the game clamoring for this type of content, we’re excited to see how Eternal Arena players band together and compete with each other.”

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