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Epic Seven is a turn-based mobile RPG by Super Creative and Smilegate Megaport, and it has a new hero coming today. Luluca is the new hero, and her Side Story is also available in the game. Luluca is an Ice Mage who can lower the defense of all enemies, while also buffing her allies’ defense. An alien girl who traveled the universe seeking revenge, she’s determined to make Straze pay for what he did to her friends and restore her homeworld. She’s also one of the main characters of the forthcoming Episode 2. Luluca’s Side Story, “The Chosen Shaman,” which also serves as the prologue of Episode 2, is also available until June 19th. Players can journey alongside Luluca and learn about how she became a shaman in her homeworld while also collecting a variety of great items and rewards.

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