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Bless Unleashed Reveals Combat Design Changes

Bless Unleashed closed beta

Bless Unleashed is heading towards their first open beta, and with that in mind, they released a new dev blog. The focus on this were major changes to combat and movement, based on feedback from the closed beta. You can read the full blog in the link below, but here are some of the highlights. Ultimately, combat and movement felt slow, from input delay and character reactions. It was also difficult to tell what abilities needed resources, how to gain those, and as a result, abilities were very difficult to use. In addition, lock-on functions and controls were in need of improvement overall. Below is a brief summary of the changes that were made to the game as a result.

  • All combo steps now connect easily with dodge. This means there are many more opportunities to dodge enemy attacks.

  • Lower tier combo attacks are now much faster than before, resulting in reduced delay between player input and character attack. Please note that big attacks that deal large amounts of damage still have longer animations. Think carefully before executing these stronger attacks!

  • We’ve generally increased movement speed. Dodge range and speed have also been increased, and we’ve implemented true sprinting which will not put a player into combat and slow them down.

  • The ability for normal monsters to interrupt player’s combos have been minimized to allow the player more freedom. This reduces the threat of lower-tier monsters and should allow players to feel more powerful when dispatching this type of enemy.

There are greater details and more changes that were made to the game, such as Abilities can be used to interrupt combos, and they have increased the power of most abilities in the game to make them feel more impactful and appealing. They also adjusted some abilities to feel more reliable, such as the Berserker’s “leap” ability.

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