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Earth Thunder Announced from Gaijin Entertainment

Simply creating historically accurate battlefields and vehicles was not enough for Gaijin Entertainment. EARTH THUNDER has arrived in War Thunder, where players control mighty UFOs. These UFOs will automatically adapt to the battleground they’re in (land, sea, or air), and victory is attained by destroying all of the other UFOs and holding choke points. This tournament mode is available now in War Thunder, today (April 1st) until April 5th, 2019.

Useful UFO Information:

  • When in the air, the UFO sports excellent maneuverability and is able to reach speeds of up to 800 km/h. Equipped with a high-powered laser beam emitter it can melt enemy UFOs in seconds – but the nature of this armament will require you to stay on target for several seconds. Due to the UFO’s lack of a protective shield when flying, evasive maneuvers are your best bet at staying alive if under attack.
  • When hovering over the Earth’s surface, your UFO’s speed is reduced significantly, but surplus energy not consumed by the engines is now used to power a protective shield generator. Now, the UFO can move in any direction and over any surface and reveals its most powerful weapon: A railgun other variants keep hidden inside the hull.
  • When diving, most of your UFO’s energy is required to protect against water pressure, so neither the Orbiter’s laser nor protective shields are available. To attack underwater, you can launch controllable torpedoes at enemy UFO’s and use a shotgun-like blaster to defend yourself in close proximity combat and to intercept any incoming ordnance.
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