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Dual Universe Initiates First Contact with Alpha Launch

Dual Universe, the ambitious single-shard universe MMORPG has entered their Alpha Stage as of today. This is the biggest milestone for this civilization-building MMO since the 2016 Kickstarter, and it’s exciting to see the game reach this stage of development. Dual Universe is built on four key pillars: Explore, Built, Trade, Conquer. The Alpha 1 phase brings the first three of these facets to life, letting players explore and build almost anything they can conjure up. Whether it’s a subterranean base or a futuristic cityscape, even interstellar-capable starships, it’s time to dream and build! Thanks to the dev team’s terraforming efforts, Alioth (the starting planet) has an area close to the size of real life Great Britain – and that’s only the first planet. In order to match the words to the vision, Novaquark announced that all Kickstarter backers no matter their amount of pledge will also be able to join the Alpha allowing the game population to reach over 11.000 players before the end of the year.

“With feedback from over 4,000 players, our pre-alpha stage was incredibly successful, and we’re thrilled that we have a core community of players who are as passionate about the game as we are. Whilst we’re still unveiling our alpha at this stage, we’re confident that with our community we’ll continue to grow the game into something truly unique in the MMORPG market,” said JC Bailie, Novaquark CEO.

Due to launch in 2020, players can initiate first contact and join in the Alpha stage by supporting the game on the Dual Universe website.

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