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Dreadnought – PAX Prime 2015 Dev Interview

MMOHuts writer Jason Parker (Ragachak) interviews the lead developer on Yager and Grey Box’s colossal space ship shooter, Dreadnought!
Dreadnought is a team-based space-action game with a distinct sci-fi look and intense, tactical feel. Players take command of massive capital ships in the sky and in space within the title’s core competitive and cooperative multiplayer suite and eventually its single-player campaign. Distinguished by a range of classes, subclasses, and varied progression paths, each warship is a force to be reckoned with, bristling with dynamic armaments and fully customizable to make your opponents crumble beneath the might of your bow.
The Captain’s Chair – Dreadnought pits players against one another in up to 5v5 shipto-ship battles across multiple game modes starting with classics like team deathmatch and a unique take on team elimination. Each captain must manage their own weapons and systems while coordinating with teammates to neutralize those of the enemy and complete the objective at hand. Bolstering the depth, balance, and scale of combat are the unique abilities and the squadrons of support fighters of each battleship on both sides.
Outfitting Your Craft – From firepower to visual flair, Dreadnought delivers a shipyard of personalization tools to make your flagship an expression of your own unique play style. Your vessels can be armed with an arsenal of lasers, missiles, nukes, warp drives, shields, fighters, and more. Cosmetic upgrades can also be acquired to complete each cruiser’s modular design.
The Space Race – There are currently 15 ships comprised from 5 completely different classes that players can choose from: the colossal Dreadnought with its ballistic cannons and Gatling broadside, the mighty Destroyer with its dual repeaters and plasma ram, the agile Corvette with cloaking ability, the destructive Artillery Cruiser with its long range heavy tesla cannon, and the Tactical Cruiser with its repair abilities.

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