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Dauntless Reveals Update 0.9.2, Neon & Aether

The next major update to hit Dauntless has been announced: 0.9.2 – “Neon & Aether”. Launching on August 22nd, 2019, this update will bring the next Hunt Pass to the game. The Zephyr Strike Hunt Pass will offer some awesome new cosmetics as always, such as the first Neon hair tints. Neon & Aether will feature the first “Faction Fight” in the game as well. Players will choose a side (Endurance or Defiance), and equip a sigil. Each hunt will earn points for your team, and the winning faction’s lantern will be added to the store for free. The other lantern will come later, but for a price.

Patrol Chests 2.0 will launch and is essentially a stash of bonus loot. Should you have a chest available and complete a patrol, you can open a chest for more rewards. The type of loot will depend on the patrol you go on. Further details can be found in the blog post below. Want something new to fight? Within the Trials, there is something ferocious known as the Styxian. All we know for sure is that they are aggressive, and were known internally as “Shark Cats”. No good comes from something known as a Shark Cat.

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