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Dark-themed HTML5 MMORPG ‘Mad World’ Coming to Steam this Fall

Powered by HTML5 technology, Jandisoft is bringing their dark Mad World MMORPG to Steam in the Fall. Clad in unique hand-drawn 2D art style, Mad World stays true to the classic MMORPGs but with a few tweaks.  Leaving the MMORPG’s standard combat style, the game’s Target and Move style makes the combat more dynamic, and its classless weapon-based skill system gives more options when using skills. Humans have been enslaved by Demons, and this leads to a series of dramatic and unexpected events and promises to provide an engaging story-driven quest series along with memorable experiences along the way.

Jandisoft says “Bringing Mad World to Steam takes us one step closer to our goal to eliminate the barriers between the gaming platforms.  We will continue to push HTML5 to its full potential, making the game available on as many platforms as possible.  Meanwhile, we want to give fans a glimpse of where we want to head in in terms of the game’s settings and mood with a new teaser video.  We want to innovate and differentiate ourselves in every aspect, from technology to gameplay, using HTML5 as a tool.”

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