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Crusaders of Light Launches ‘Battle for Karanvale’ Update

A new content update dropped for Crusaders of Light by NetEase, in the form of “Battle for Karanvale”. It features a new city, a new gear of gear, a PVP game mode, as well as the most difficult team raid to date.  Karanvale is the heart of the Sardar Highlands, and will also feature a new quest to obtain and repair new Mythic gear, that was damaged by frequent use in ancient battles. Upgrading and harnessing its power and incredible potential is key. Shadowveil Assassination is a new PVP mode, where trickery is as important as raw strength.

In Shadowveil Assassination, deadly assassins lurk among the populace, and players need to strike them down while leaving ordinary citizens unharmed. Groups of eight players go undercover to battle it out in the city of Karanvale for 15 minutes, or until a kill score of 15 is reached. But if any of them accidentally attacks a normal citizen instead of a disguised opponent, they’ll be taken over by Desolationist magic and respawn as an assassin. “The Mad Laboratory” is the new dungeon and team raid, and it can be challenged by players who reach level 55 with Level 70 Talents.

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