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QC Games is proud to announce that their innovative dungeon brawler/asymmetrical action RPG, Breach is now on Steam. Available in their Early Access program, it brings together MMOs, dungeon crawlers, and third-person action RPGs into one refined experience. It offers intense, intuitive combat mechanics, ever-changing mission challenges, and a fast pace in one location. Players control one of many heroes, or the evil Veil Demon itself, Breach debuts with a compelling and unique take on the 4v1 online experience.

“After three years of game development, the entire dev team truly believes we’ve created something fresh and unique with Breach,” states Dallas Dickinson, CEO and Co-Founder at QC Games. “It was really important that when we entered Early Access, Breach would be both a very refined gameplay experience and something gamers haven’t played before. I’m proud to say we’ve achieved those initial goals and look forward to all the feedback from gamers to make Breach even better.”

“Just like Hero players, the Veil Demon player has an ever-growing number of classes and customization options.  Whether you are playing as a Hero or as a Veil Demon, this co-op dungeon brawl experience will never be the same twice,” states Gabe Amatangelo, Game Director and Chief Creative Officer for QC Games.  “Every dungeon crawl is as varied and unique as individual player gameplay styles – and a load of fun to watch!  We’ve seen some really epic matches, and can’t wait to watch more!”

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